In a multitude of application cases a "simple oil change" is insufficient. This particularly is the case when machines and systems are converted from conventional to rapidly biodegradable or food-grade oils. In such cases you have to fulfil the prescribed standards both, from a legal point of view as well as the level of standardisation, and that means that the foreign oil content has to be reduced to a determined minimum or to even exclude it. For this purpose "complete oil changes" are necessary, which simplified are also called "conversions".  For this purpose KLEENOIL PANOLIN offers its mobile service.

The service we offer can be specified according to requirements, but in Germany normally consists of:

  • Supply of new oil
  • Provision of flushing oil
  • Draining and flushing of the complete system
  • New filling with prescribed / requested oil
  • Trial run
  • Oil sample taking and analysis
  • Issuing of a filling certificate
  • Complete identification marking of the machine
  • Retraction and disposal of the used oil

When using products subject to mixing prohibitions or restrictions,  detailed conversion guidelines and/or the VDMA 24569 technical rules have to be observed. Prior to that you have to observe the prescriptions formulated by the machine manufacturers. These are essential parts of the respective guarantee conditions.

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